Maison Pecou 1880

At Maison Pécou, we have had sugar in our blood for five generations!

The first factory of the Pécou family dates back to 1880. The creator, Ernest Pécou, passed on his passion for confectionery to his entire family line. Since then, his descendants have continued to build on the heritage of this exceptional know-how. All the following generations, raised in the sweet environment of dragées, bathed in the characteristic smells of vanilla, lulled by the precious tinkle of dragées turning in the turbines and acquiring a taste for excellence, they have taken up the torch of the famous dragées factory.

Over the years, through unique know-how and the use of high-quality raw materials, Pécou DRAGEES have maintained their reputation for excellence. Distinguished by the French government, Maison Pécou received the prestigious label of “Living Heritage Company” (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant). This is the highest mark of recognition in France rewarding companies that have managed to sustain excellent artisanal and industrial know-how, combining both tradition and innovation.

Here, we select the most beautiful and best almonds from the Mediterranean basin, coated with sugar delicately flavored with natural bourbon vanilla and adorned with multiple sweet or tangy colors. Same for other delicacies made with prime natural ingredients and colouring.  

At the end of the twentieth century, a new recipe for a chocolate dragée with 70% cocoa was launched, meeting immediate success among our fans.

Quickly many confectioneries enriched the assortment and the DELICACIES range was born.

The production tool having evolved constantly with more modern turbines,  new technologies have enabled the creation of the latest innovation : LIQUICROC, a chocolate dragée with a liquid heart.

Maison Pécou celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2020, 140 years marked by a passion for know-how, quality and innovation. For the occasion, the RECIPES were created and presented in a box as a tribute to our beautiful production tool : the copper turbines.

You will find Maison Pécou delicacies in the best gourmet shops and premium retail chains across 23 countries worldwide (including the USA, Japan, …) and they are now finally available in Hong Kong!

Welcome to a world of delicacies ....