Les Dragées

140 years of experience and know-how, Choose top quality Pécou almond's dragees for your weddings, baptisms and parties. 

we selected the most beautiful and best almonds from Valencia in Spain, coated with sugar delicately flavored with natural bourbon vanilla and adorned with multiple sweet or tangy colors.

When Julius Dragatus dropped an almond into a jar of honey, he had no idea that he was then inventing a confection which still finds its place on all festive tables today.

Manufactured since 1880, the preparation of Maison Pécou dragees requires many steps. The 24 hours drying time between each step must be observed. It therefore takes five days to make a dragee. After steaming the almonds in the oven to make them crunchier, they are polished and coated with gum arabic to prevent the oil from migrating out. In the turbine, no less than twenty to fifty layers of sugar syrup are then delicately affixed to the surface of the fruits that the natural vanilla will sublimate.